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Happy clients share their stories - read all about it  

"Excellent and efficient. That's how I'd describe Donna. As a man who needs to look nice but is short on time, I wanted a stylist who could do a great job on the fly. Donna gets you in and out -- and looking fantastic." TV Journalist 

"I have known and worked with Donna for over 10 years. Always upbeat and positive, Donna has been indispensable in helping me on many different projects.

She has simplified shopping and made it fun by previewing  items and pulling them for me in advance. She NEVER tries to talk me into anything I am not convinced about; instead she has encouraged me to push the corners of the envelope on my personal style.

Donna has helped me create innovative outfits from items already in my closet, allowing me to use pieces in my wardrobe in unexpected, beautiful ways.

I travel a lot, and packing has always been stressful and overwhelming. Donna has come to the rescue many times, helping me pack for trips of varying lengths, to many different places.

Finally, Donna oversaw a complete closet remodel in my home, from start to finish. She removed all the contents, supervised the remodelers, and put everything in its place once the remodel was complete.

Donna exemplifies "can do" attitude, and she has made my life simpler and easier in countless ways."

- Debbie R. 


“My husband is in a Ph.D. program and will begin his interview season in the next few months. We thought it would be a great time to re-evaluate his professional wardrobe, so we asked Donna for help.


Boy, are we glad we did! It turns out he wasn't even really wearing the right sizes, and she is helping him whip his wardrobe into interview shape.


Not only did she help sort out the hits and the misses he already owns, she helped him pull together pairing options we never would have thought of and even showed him what to look for when shopping online and in person (fit, style, etc.).


She is one smart (and smartly-dressed) cookie, and finally having a plan for his wardrobe that we know will give him confidence and lack-of-stress during interviews feels truly priceless.


Not only were her prices reasonable, but she has surely saved us a lot of money by showing us budget-friendly options, and steering us clear of high-priced clothing duds that would have been a waste.


Three cheers for Cotton & Cashmere!”

-Elayne C.

"I was just at a happy hour with a friend and she said, "You always look so put together.  I wish I looked as good as you did." 

Donna has literally saved my professional life.  I am an interior designer and general contractor.  I want to look polished, sophisticated, and creative.  But I also need clothes that can make it through a day of high end shopping with clients, being on a construction site with my subcontractors, and ending with a nice happy hour with a girlfriend.  Donna made all of this happen.

I spent years and time and WAY too much money on clothes that didn't work.  I bought them because they were on sale, I was in a hurry, I had an event, or I just woke up and hated everything I owned.  Getting dressed wasn't fun.  Donna came to my house, and we went through all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories.  We got rid of 80% of what didn't work for me - ill fitting, worn out, not in style, or I just never liked it.  Then we went shopping to build a usable professional wardrobe, filled with things that work for my body, my budget, and my lifestyle.  I have about 1/3 of what used to hang in my closet.  It was a little scary at first, but man.  A weight has been lifted.  Everything fits and looks fabulous.  I look forward to getting dressed every morning - accessorizing, deciding on what shoes - it has changed my life. 

Donna and I now get together every season to tweak, add to, and adjust my wardrobe.  She even comes over and helps me put outfits together for traveling!  I will NEVER buy another article of clothing without her input and OK.  Her talent is amazing.  Everyone needs a "Donna" in their life."

-Stacy P.

“Working with Donna has changed my fashion-life! She really takes the time to understand your day-to-day life and wardrobe goals, and she’s great at working with styles on my “curvy” frame.


She worked wonders on my over-stuffed closet, and even carted away the rejects! I am impressed by Donna’s ability to work her magic on different body types, with differing budgets, and I always feel great in my own clothes after a session with her… 


I’m looking forward to shopping with her again sooooon!”

- Chloe L.

“Donna helped me see the light in my closet even when I could not. She made the process of removing old clothes from my wardrobe and de-cluttering a painless process.


I appreciated her efforts and understanding that I don’t want to get rid of my favorite comfortable t-shirts from college, but that I needed to pick a few rather than keep them all.


My favorite added bonus was having Donna show me pieces of my wardrobe that can work together and what I been wearing that did not fit my body type.” 

- Emily D.

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