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Men! Best Denim of the Season

Jeans this season come in a vast array of styles - colored, super slim, frayed and cut at the knee, classic straight leg...the list goes on. With a seemingly endless amount of options, I thought I’d help narrow the field.

Here are my favorite denim trends for fall:


Wearing colored denim will surely be new for most guys and therefore a stretch sartorially. As I tell all of my clients - "Just try it!". Colored jeans are an excellent way to mix up an ordinary outfit and make your favorite shirts feel new again.

My test subject, my husband Lon, was leary of trying colored jeans, but gave me the benefit of the doubt. We ordered these mustard Levi's 513s on Amazon (for $46.99!) recently and he LOVES them. The color is a gorgeous dark yellow, which is super attractive and pairs well with a lot of everyday colors - black, gray, white, dark blue/denim, and red.

Mercury/Oxblood/Merlot might seem like a hard color to pair button-downs and shirts with, but it's surprisingly versatile. Recently, a client and I paired his new Topman oxblood chinos with this Calibrate button-down. It looked fantastic. I'd also pair it with navy, black and gray for fall. And white for early spring.

I'm obsessed with monocromatic looks this season too. Try pairing these gray jeans with gray sneakers for a streamlined look.

Classic Straight Leg in Dark Denim:

This jean will never go out of style. Harkening back to James Dean in the 1955 classic Rebel Without a Cause, the look is effortless and goes with virtually any shirt or button-down. I like both a single 2" cuff and a double rolled cuff. Try each out to see what you prefer. Another great option is to omit the cuff and hem the jeans to rest on top of your shoe with no break. See the final photo.

As with all denim, fit is essential. With the abundant options on the market, the key to finding the best pair lies in working with a professional who knows the brands and how they flatter the body. Every guy is different. Luckily enough, there are enough brands to find a great fit - no matter the body type.

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