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Menswear Find: Men's Warehouse

An inspired look from the store's website

Recently, I spent an enjoyable 2 hours shopping with a new client at Men’s Warehouse. He was in search of business casual clothes that transitioned from day to night, but needed a good selection of larger sizes and good prices. (A common situation with a lack of good options in Austin).

We were greeted by a manager at the store, who was very knowledgeable and armed with excellent deals that day.

Our goal was to find a blazer, shirts that would work for going out and business, more casual trousers and a couple polo shirts.

Said manager first helped us find a blazer - which was buy one get one free, aka BOGO - and led us to picking out a second blazer. Here’s where having a good salesperson to help in this process is key. There are hundreds of menswear designers, it would be impossible to know all of them and how each fit. A good salesperson knows the merchandise and how it will look on you. However, they aren’t usually very budget-conscience, as they work on commission, so as your independent stylist, I take this knowledge, use it to fulfill our goals, and ensure the budget remains intact.

Next, we paired button-down shirts with interesting patterns and textures. The shirts were a closer fit than he was used to wearing and looked excellent on. Fit is so important with button-downs. Too loose and guys end up looking a bit pirate like, too tight and the buttons pull. Undershirts must also fit close to the body, as to not add bulk.

We added a good pair of dark denim jeans and slacks for the office. Finally we found a couple of neutral but stylish (and not too preppy) polos. Most of these pieces were also part of the BOGO deal.

We ended up with 2 blazers, 1 pair of jeans, 2 slacks, 4 button downs, 2 polos and a pack of undershirts. With all of the sales added, the total came out around $850.

I’d say we were successful in this trip. :)

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