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A little (BIG) Announcement!

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve updated y’all on C&C and me. Sorry for the delay!

This summer, we found out that we’re expecting identical twins – boys to be specific – due in early February.

To say this has caused a dramatic shift in my life and work would be the understatement of the year! Twin pregnancy is nothing compared to a singleton and has been quite a challenge when combined with chasing around a toddler.

I’m halfway through and finally feeling energetic/healthy enough to get back to work – just in time for fall shopping and closet prep!

I’m booking clients through the end of the year (hopefully!) and would love to see each of you before then.

My maternity leave will likely last until next summer – or whenever I recover enough to leave the house in one piece!Please do consider using any remaining wardrobe update package hours you may have before December 31st.

Fall looks are already filling the stores with gorgeous options – let’s set some time aside to get your wardrobes ready for the chilly winter months.

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