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Spring Cleaning – Closet Edition

While shopping is a service I love to provide, closet edits and innovative outfit creations are the bread and butter for C&C.

Recently, I edited the wardrobe of a friend who magically pairs vintage with modern pieces for an effortless look.

As with all wardrobe edits, we started off by discussing her goals. Today’s mission was to pair down her wardrobe and remove items not being worn.

*Each of us has those pieces that we’re sure we’ll wear one day, but when? While editing a closet, I’ll suggest ways to wear such pieces or help decide whether they need to be altered, sold or donated.

We started off in her winter closet and moved onto summer tops, dresses, skirts and pants.

After a quick couple of hours we came away with 3 big bags of items to donate, a huge stack of vintage pieces to sell and another stack of items to give to friends – lucky ladies!



Here’s the end result. It’s not a huge transformation, but her wardrobe is more accessible and easier to navigate.

*Organized to succeed. Even the denim is stacked according to cut.

What’s taking up precious space in your closet? Now’s the perfect time to edit and make a plan for what to add for the spring and summer.

Contact us to get started today!

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