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Guys: New Kicks On The Block

When it comes to shoes, we all know that they make or break an entire look— and depending on how you want to dress, shoes tell all. Assigning shoes for certain occasions is the normal thing to do, allocating leather brogues for work, loafers for dates and sneakers for every other occasion. And while sneakers are the type of shoe you generally set aside for days where you will find yourself walking outside, we think they are the ideal shoe choice for brunch and maybe even a casual Friday.

Sneakers have this type of nostalgic feeling associated with them that take us back to every first day of school where the newest style of kicks were always exhibited, and started extra clean only to be completely worn out in the coming year. Now years later, it’s a relief that we can still wear sneakers and find comfort in them and yet remain stylish. Catch onto our latest obsession with these redesigned classics.

White Converse high tops and low tops are a known classic, dating back to decades ago where they were worn by basketball players and later adopted into the grunge look. Now there are countless styles of Chuck Taylors and there are constantly collaborations with popular designers such as Jack Purcell. This pair of Jack Purcell Converse sneaks are the perfect shoe for a lunch out on SoCo.

Match them with a pair of well-fitting shorts or jeans and you are ready to be spotted on the street. We also love the low top version and these neutral Supergas also make for a worthy brunch shoe.

Several brands have made their own spin off of the classic high top shoe and made it their own. We’re lusting over these Golden Goose distressed high tops and Nike Blazers at the moment. If you own a pair of chukka boots, then you’ll love these as a new twist on the popular shoe. Try this style with a pair of cuffed denim or chino pants for a more upscale casual look.

And we are not the only ones who have honed in on this sneaker craze. Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist has featured countless ladies and gentlemen sporting sneakers and has captured their seemingly candid street style. Leandra Medine from the acclaimed fashion blog The Man Repeller has also discovered the beauty of sneakers and swapped her Alexander Wang pumps for Nikes and Supergas. In fact, she has mastered the art of the sneaker and has adapted it into her own personal style. Both blogs have us loving sneakers a bit more every time a new style comes out.

The best part about sneakers is that many sites such as Nike, New Balance and Converse feature customizable options where you can choose your favorite style and have a say in what color to make almost every part of the shoe. Sneaker brands also have quick lines, where they release limited edition sneakers with unique color palettes and textures.

With features like this, it’s simple to make your kicks show off your personality. If you are feeling bold, these Nike camo floral sneaks are the statement shoe for the Fall. Spice up a monochromatic look with these bad boys and everyone will wish they owned a pair.

We also love this classic twist on the New Balance shoe that is lined with paisley and these bright Nikes that feature interesting color combos. Whether you are looking to wear jeans or shorts, these sneaks offer the perfect touch to complete an outfit.

Although sneakers are associated with running, we think you do not need the excuse to hit the gym to sport your sneaks. With the number of sneakers that are released every month, there is no reason why you should not be rocking a pair at least twice a week (and not at the gym!).

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