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Stylish Alternatives for Workwear

When it comes to professional work wear, finding the right suit can be challenging. While a black suit is a necessary staple in one’s closet, there are a series of alternative options that do not include the go-to classic. Whether you have a small lunch meeting or work at a corporate office, we have the right mix of outfits for the workplace!

Simple a-line skirts are always a safe option when putting together an outfit that reads professional, but right now we love a good wrap skirt. It’s a chic twist on the simple a-line design and goes well with any silky top tucked in. Pair it with a good pair of low pumps and you remain professional while channeling a New York Fashion Week worthy look.

Pair this ruffled top with a lighter hued wrap skirt!

This embroidered sleeveless top makes for a good combo with a wrap skirt.

Another option that we love is inspired by Stella McCartney’s 2013 Resort pieces. Though she does include a black suit in her collection, the extra flared slacks make for a lengthening silhouette that are far from boring. The next time you are out shopping for work pants, we recommend a flared style that can be paired with a black or patterned blazer. We love this look as the quintessential workplace to bar side outfit.

When purchasing workplace garments, you always want to buy those that you can maximize their use. Austin native, Kelly Framel from, who sports a Primary New York Tunic backwards, has inspired us to recycle the same dress or shirt in different ways each time! Next time you try on a dress like this Eileen Fisher cowl-neck dress, try it on backwards too! It might make for another outfit!

We recognize that it is one challenge to find the right garments to wear to work, but after you have latched onto your favorite blazers, slacks or skirts, it becomes another challenge to style each item uniquely. Our go to technique for mixing up your wardrobe is to accessorize! A tasteful statement necklace can do the trick to distract others from your repeated blazer or skirt. This necklace from the local start up jewelry company, Noonday Collection, makes for the ideal statement necklace for the workplace. Pair it with your favorite high-necked top, skirt or pants and blazer and voila, you have made a new outfit!

And to finish off the entire outfit, you cannot forget the perfect bag. We love this python clutch also from Primary New York because it comes in fun colors and is big enough to fit the essentials! Our favorite color for fall is this beige one!

Although you must remain professional in the workplace, we recommend not straying too far away from your personal style. The best work outfits make for those that incorporate your favorite items and feel comfortable in.

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