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Dressing for a Heat Wave

As a native Texan, I have discovered that it is a challenge to find the right attire that balances the scorching heat outside and the freezing temperatures inside businesses and buildings. Each summer this anomaly between the outside temperature and the temperature inside each building has caused me to search for the ultimate attire that accommodates both temperatures—my solution: a lightweight layerable button-down or light jacket.

The key is to find a button-down or light jacket made of breathable fibers that will not overheat you while you are in 100+ degree weather outside, and will protect you from the cool temperatures inside.

One of the best materials to opt for is cotton. My favorite option is the Chambray button-down, because it is 100% cotton and is lightweight. The best part about them is that they come in every imaginable hue of denim and are available in a wide variety of stores that range in price. My preferred choice for this summer season is this denim colorblocked button-down from Zara.

You may not even have to search too far to find this type of light jacket—you can turn your button-downs that you may already own and can layer them over flowy tanks, shorts, or skirts for the perfect Texas summer look. Once it gets too hot, you can just peel away your layers and even tie the button-down around your waist.

Another viable option is to wear a light blazer and pair it with a tailored pair of shorts or even a pair of flowy shorts that look like a skirt to the common eye. This is a fairly simple way to stay warm inside, cool outside, and fashionable at every step of the way.

And don’t be fooled that you have to dress down in the summer in order to stay comfortable. Maintain a business professional look while keeping cool outside and warm inside by complimenting your favorite trousers or a-line skirt with a flowy sleeveless shirt, topped with a patterned or colorful blazer for a fashion-forward business look.

Hint: Experiment with new color palettes. Opt for light denim and white with pastel pink or cognac leather for an elegant summer look!

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