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Wearing Shorts Well

For men, wearing shorts without looking slouchy or shabby can be a daunting challenge. How does one balance comfort and style during the summer months? We found some great pieces at Service Menswear that exhibit how to look sharp while wearing shorts.

Look #1:

In this look, I’m wearing a breathable shirt and short. The colors match my hair and skin tone as well as the spring season. The fit of the shirt and shorts are appropriated to my frame without coming across as a “skinny fit.” The leather laces on the Vans dress up the informal sneaker.

Shirt – Benson, cotton, short sleeve 1 pocket button-up in blue checkers $115 Shorts – Gant, cotton/linen blend, solid short in navy $125 Shoes – Vans, brushed twill in green $60

Look #2:

Again, here I mostly stick with the colors that work best for me: grey and blue. The light blue shirt is appropriate for spring. The fit is sharp yet the short sleeves keep it casual. The horizontal stripes on the dark shorts are risky (because of the vertical stripes on the shirt) but the stripes on both pieces are subtle enough to not clash. The colors on the shoes are the loudest statement in this look yet they don’t distract from the overall togetherness of the outfit.

Shirt – Gitman Brothers, cotton, light blue with vertical stripes. $165 Shorts – SLVDR, cotton/linen blend, grey/blue stripes. $78 Shoes – Vans, copper/blue. $78

Look #3

The deep and dark navy shirt in the spring and summer months are a popular look in the high fashion world at the moment. Yet, I haven’t known a time when navy hasn’t worked. The dark tint of the khaki short gives the khaki look a much needed update. The Vans shoes are hot-weather approved without looking dainty.

Shirt – Gitman, mini clover print in navy. $165 Shorts – Gant, cotton/linen blend, khaki. $125 Shoes – Vans, michoacan, dark navy. $55

Look #4

Dark shades with a crisp white shirt will always be a classic combination. These shades by Super have bold upper corners without looking too feminine. The white oxford is so classic that it could be worn in a variety of situations.

Shirt – Gitman, solid woven cotton in white, made in the U.S.A.. $155 Shorts – Gant, cotton/linen blend, khaki. $125 Shoes – Vans, michoacan, dark navy. $55

As the sun nears closer and closer to Texas, prepare for the onslaught of heat by getting a new pair of shades. Here are a couple of new pairs that just arrived at Service Menswear.

Super, dark floral. $218

As Donna helps you update your wardrobe for the spring and summer months, she will consider color, fit, seasonal trends, patterns and many other elements of style that will help you look your best. The good news is that you don’t have to think of all the fine tunings involved in dressing for the hot months of the year. Leave that up to Donna. That’s what she does best.

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