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It can sometimes be hard to convince ourselves to buy a brand new jacket for our short winter season. Outerwear tends to be an afterthought in our fashion plans – and this is the perfect time to put a stop to that. This is the time when stores mark down their coats and jackets, which is perfect for the smart shopper! Think ahead, and spend a little bit on some pieces that will keep you fashionable during the winter seasons to come!

Here are some key pieces that are good to have for any winter season!

You can also stock up on blazers during this time of year. The spring colors will still be regular price, but you should be able to find the gray and black blazers marked down easily. Blazers are also such a smart article to have in your wardrobe as they can be worn almost all year. Pair with a cute top and dark skinny jeans with a bootie and you are ready for dinner in almost any season.

A leather jacket is HEAVENLY, but equally pricey. As winter wraps up, this is the smartest purchase you can make. A high-quality leather jacket is such a nice piece to add to your wardrobe and this is the smartest way to do it! Vests are another item that tend to get overlooked during the year for the Texas-natives. AND they are one of my favorite items in a look! A nice dark long-sleeved top paired with a warmer vest is perfect for our weather.

If you’ve always wanted a pea coat in a fun color, now is the time too look for one on sale. A reduced price will make a big difference in the heavier coats. A lot of department stores will have jackets at half the original retail price! I am obsessed with the army green jackets that exploded this winter season. The color is so chic while being simultaneously effortless.

Places that we recommend visiting for you marked down jackets: Your favorite department stores – especially Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus for leather jackets and vests and J.Crew for pea-coats and blazers!! Good Luck!

*Don’t miss the Margarita Sale this week at Julian Gold. It’s their biggest markdown event of the year – up to 75% off (and includes margaritas of course)! The sale starts Tuesday, February 5th and goes thru the 9th. Call me if you want to check it out!

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