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Festive Looks for Any Party

Ah, holiday parties. Those joyous events where we share in merriment with our closest friends/co-workers/family/neighbors. Where want to look our best, but not like we tried on 25 dresses in doing so.

A few of my clients have asked “What does “Festive” attire mean?”. Festive attire is close to cocktail in theme, but offers an opportunity to add some fun or edge. It’s a chance to wear those sparkly shoes you bought earlier this season, or to dress with a Great Gatsby sense in mind. If you would normally wear your favorite LBD to a cocktail themed event, you could add some printed or colored tights, bright jewelry and shoes for your “festive” party.

Above all, dress with your host/hostess in mind. Are they very fancy? If so, choose your best shoes and accessories. (Yesterday I actually said to a client, “You’re going to the Dell’s? Wear the Chanels.” Yes, I know, it’s cheesy.) Do they prefer an artistic style of dress? Opt for your hand-printed silk dress with tights and booties.

As you know, but your husband/boyfriend might joke, “Festive” is not an opportunity to wear a silly holiday sweater or hat. Save those for your next themed party. (And send me photos!)

Here are some looks that I find festive and coordinating appropriate events:

Friend/Neighbor Party

Don’t let the floral printed leather dress intimidate you. It can be worn in several ways depending on your mood. Feeling sparkly? Opt for the gold or red shoes. Want to show your neighbor you’ve got guts and beauty? Try the Mary Jane Louboutin’s. Heading to an event with a trendy locale? Choose the woven Booties. Each pair perfectly with a glittery bag and pretty jewelry. Add a red lip and easy hairstyle and you’re done!


Let the shoes shine with this look. Brightly colored dresses don’t have to pair with a neutral black or nude shoe. Go bold with a printed shoe and matching accessories. Keep the rest of your look flirty with light makeup and a style your hair with loose waves.

Art Opening/Musical Performance/Theater Production

Here’s where we can finally let our inner fashion editor shine. Pull out that bold dress you bought on a whim and have fun. Pair it with equally fashion forward, but coordinating pieces. If you look into the mirror and think, “That’s a lot of look!” you may have gone too far. In that case, switch out your bold tights for a opaque black or gray and opt for more subdued jewelry.

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