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Weather Winter with Style: Layering Tips for Any Temp

We all know that living in Texas means tackling bipolar weather – and weather forecasts that no one can trust. We start off the day bundling up and are inevitably stripping down by mid-afternoon, or vice versa.

All of this indecision leaves our inner-fashionista exhausted. Especially when all we want is some cozy sweater weather to snuggle up in.

The only way to survive: layering!

The key to layering is to not let the clothes hide your curves

or throw your body off balance.

Winter Checklist: Shorts? Yes. Tights? Yes. Socks? Yes. Booties? Perfect!

Key pieces:

On Top: Sweaters in short and long sleeve, satin long sleeved blouses, denim jacket, printed thin tanks.

On Bottom: Skinny or straight leg jeans in dark washes and prints, shorts and skirts, and finally thick thick tights (*I’m tempted to add another “thick” here to emphasize that the tights MUST look like a pant and not something to be worn under a skirt, shorts or dress).

Almost every piece of clothing you own can act as a layer in an outfit as long as it is paired with a well thought out look. (Note: Linen is the only fabric that does not apply to this rule.) This lets you utilize your spring/summer wardrobe and keeps you looking fit for the season!

Sweaters over your button ups is a layering technique that has been around for ever. There are a few ways to dress it up and down that add a new dimension to the look.

Why don’t you try placing your denim jacket over a sweater dress. The layers will keep you warm, while the shorter jean jacket keeps the definition at your waist.

Our newest obsession, Polyvore, allows us to show how versatile a denim jacket and black skinnys are. Choose one of the two sweater dresses and booties, add a belt and colorful bag and viola! (Careful, you could get stuck there for hours too!)

For a more advanced layering trick, pair a light jacket under a heavier coat – your jean jacket is also perfect for this, with lightweight pieces underneath.

Layering Trend: Instead of wearing long-sleeved shirts and sweaters all season long, mix it up by rocking a pair of long-sleeved gloves matched with an oversized 3/4 sleeve coat. Opera attendance is not required to pull off this look!

Throw some bangles on over the gloves to put your own spin on the look. Gloves are also a way to add character to a winter dress; push up your sleeves and throw some on – tres chic!

My Advanced Dressers: Let some skin show between the glove and your sleeve! Sleeveless and short sleeved dresses paired with opera gloves is classic, a la our idol Audrey Hepburn. What’s not to love?

Once you’ve got the look pulled together, take a peek at the mirror one more time. Feeling overwhelmed or that something’s missing? Try adding a belt to your waistline to show off your shape.

If you are feeling unbalanced with maybe a few layers on top and only a pair of leggings on bottom, be sure to add heavier footwear – boots or booties so that your look flows from H2T.

Don’t miss this amazing video featuring 25 ways to wear a scarf:

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