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Fall into Accessories!

It’s Cam! And I am encouraging all of you to go bold this fall. This is the season for creativity! MORE is more! Okay – not too much…

Strength. Is. In. The baroque downpour is our culture’s way of reminding us to rock our personal style without fear – we are strong!

Bold rings covering up your fingers, or bracelets making their way down your forearm, are two hot ways to make a statement this fall. Create your own renaissance-inspired armor and take in the compliments as your make your way!

I ACTUALLY have one of “those” Aunts who has sent me brooches every holiday since I can remember – and I can finally wear them all!

Not only are they the look for fall, they have the ability to save a dress or top that may not be as flattering as you had hoped.

Grab a giant brooch and work in some couture magic! A group of brooches look amazing on a jacket or blazer. Stagger them for a chic look.

Create the look while thinking “Embellish your life”.

Start with a necklace. It should be close to the neck and BIG. Choose anything from fabulous silver metallics, adorned with emerald green and ruby red stones to a gold dipped spiked collar.

Next, carry though this embellishing attitude to your shoes, handbags, – even sunglasses!

*Remember to keep the rest of your look minimal – the focus here is on the accessories. Try a sweater dress with tights and booties, or jeans and a t-shirt with ridding boots. Add a blazer or trench coat and you’re set.

These are just a few of my favorite accessory trends this season. The sky is the limit. Use your individual style to express yourself – and have fun!

Other Trends: large structured bags, knee high boots, strappy heels (gladiator inspired), hats with wide brims, fur on shoes and bags, and color-blocked hats and scarves.

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