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Celebrating Women – Real Girls Photo Shoot

In keeping with my “Love your body” campaign, I invited several of my clients to participate in a photoshoot recently – cheekily called the “Real Girls” shoot. I wanted to celebrate how unique and beautiful each of my clients is.

I invited them to choose an outfit that made them feel beautiful – especially in 90° weather! Styling is not about asking my clients to look perfect or fit into some pre-ordained box/trend. It’s about helping women (and men) to reach their personal and professional goals through a well-curated look.

The major benefit of styling is getting to work with so many different personal styles. Each of my clients has a defined style and we work together to craft a wardrobe that reflects this. It’s never about my personal taste – it’s about what looks best and helps each client to feel amazing.

Here’s a preview of our photo shoot. I hope you enjoy it.

(me and Cam)

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