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Navigating Trends

I’ve found myself telling clients this a lot lately:“Everything goes with everything.”

For the most part, current style dictates that indeed outfit combinations, previously never worn together, are now very cool to pair. But what exactly does that mean?

Trends right now include: prints on prints, color blocking, denim on denim, menswear as womenswear, 90’s, 80’s… and every other decade for that matter.

It leaves us wondering what the heck to do.

For many trends, putting together an outfit is all based on finding the right color combinations. The shades of each piece must coordinate. This is especially helpful when pairing prints together or color blocking.

Let’s examine how pairs a look based on street style. The woman photographed looks chic! Her skirt coordinates in that perfect matching-but-not-exactly-matching way. When inspected closer, we see that the jacket picks up a blue shade from the skirt and viola! It goes so well together.

For a less-hipster look, exchange the vest for a denim jacket in a light or dark wash.

Here’s another example from Anthropologie. It would be obvious to pair this jacket with a black tank top or white t-shirt. Choosing a wine colored shell and adding a pop of bright color with the yellow necklace is perfect.

Let’s also talk about horizontal stripes – a trend that has persisted for the past few years and is prominent again for fall and spring. Black and white horizontal stripes are now considered a basic – a la basic black and white. They can be paired with other prints, solids and nearly every color. (Stripes paired with florals is one of my favorite looks.)

The Sartorialist gives us a peek at the many styling options for horizontal stripes here.

One of my favorite new trends – which I hope will stick – is exaggerated shapes in jackets and pants. It seems like a healthy move away from all the body conscious looks we’ve clung to for the past few years. Pulling it off requires the rest of the look be tailored – slim pants to balance out a wide coat. See how it’s mastered here:

In keeping with the Everything Goes with Everything mentality, there are simply too many new trends to discuss here. Check out these guides to more fun trends:

– Oversized clothing tips from – Denim Trends from when wearing printed jeans, make sure to keep the rest of your look minimal – black sweater, denim jacket or a t-shirt. – Peplum: this look is a must try. Peplums define a waist and highlight the booty. Seriously, give it a try! – New Neutrals: brocade, snakeskin, oxblood. Check out how versatile each really is.

And for our more advanced dressers, there’s the enviable Leandra Medine of (at left). Her style is exciting and inspires us to try new combinations. Forget dressing to look sexy – dress in a way that entertains you!

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