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Loving the Way You Look

Recently, I helped Tanya Tarr update her look through closet organization and personal shopping sessions. Tanya recently started a side project – Sidekick Coaching – to help with career coaching and professional development. She recently wrote a blog on her site "Do Clothes Make a (Wo)man?".

In her blog (a must read), she recounts her experience with Cotton+Cashmere:

“I never would have realized nor accidentally found the shapes Donna found for me. She taught me the importance of balancing my frame with flattering cuts. I look like I’ve dropped at least 10 pounds. But the fact is, I’m the same weight. The clothes just help me carry myself in a more confident way.

I’d like to think, too, that Donna helped me connect to a part of myself that was always there and simply dormant. I found that with these clothes and a completely reclaimed sense of confidence and enthusiasm, I rocked the conference and am enthusiastic about going into any new day (even if the day involves drudgery.) Donna helped me remember that clothes are a part of what we communicate to the world.”

Tanya’s blog post really highlights the importance of loving the way you look. A positive self-image impacts all aspects of your life, how you experience life, and how much you enjoy it. The mission of Cotton+Cashmere is to promote a positive sense of self and help clients find a healthy view of their bodies.

I always say, “Life is too short to fret about sizes and what people will think of you — just have fun, love yourself and wear what makes you feel beautiful!”

Check out the outfits I styled for her on the Pinterest board "cotton&cashmere Styled Looks".

Sidekick Coaching offers one-on-one coaching services to assist with:

– Resume makeovers – Behavioral interview coaching – Skills assessment – Personal metrics development – Office stress management techniques

Check out her website Sidekick Coaching and visit her on Facebook for more information and event listings!

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