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Shorts For All Body Types

Shorts weather is here! Take a look at our quick guidelines on how every woman can look fabulous in shorts this season.


Try: Small prints or patterns, bright hues, and slim or no cuffs. 3″ Short in Antique Paisley, at J. Crew, $59.50.

Prints and bright hues can add dimension to amp up your frame. Slim cuffs also create delicate accents.


Try: Floral prints, high-wasited, A-line shorts. Ikat Tiger Print Drapey Shorts, at Loft, $44.50.

Floral prints keep your look girlish and can add the illusion of curves. A high waist creates a great waist and A-line shorts will also add an hourglass silhouette.

Plus Sized:

Try: Tailored Bermuda shorts. Sejour Stretch Twill Bermuda Shorts, at Nordstrom, $56.

Longer-cut shorts, like bermudas, are ideal as they offer more coverage. Also, remember that oversized and baggy clothing will add to your frame. Stick with a tailored clean short. Avoid pleats and large embellishments.


Try: Relaxed, muted colored, A-line shorts. Trina Turk ‘Alto Cinco’ Cuff Shorts, at Nordstrom, $117.90

An A-line silhouette makes your legs appear longer and leaner. Relaxed styles are good, but too relaxed (meaning lowering hanging shorts) can add to your hips. Muted and neutral tones are the most flattering choice here.

Long Legs:

Try: Shorts with cuffs or a roll-up feature. Joe’s Cuffed Denim Shorts, at Nordstrom, $98.

Long, lean legs can be “broken up” with shorts that have cuffs or a roll-up feature. Cuffs will also make thin legs look curvier.

Short Legs:

Try: Tailored shorts that have about a 5-inch inseam. Linen/Cotton Seamed Shorts with 4″ Inseam, at Loft, $44.50.

Five inch-inseam shorts provide ample coverage but are short enough to lengthen the leg. A structured fabric cut close to the body will also help to elongate legs. Avoid cuffs or rolled-up styles as well as knee-length shorts which will make your legs look shorter.

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