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Swimsuits for All Body Types

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner which means it’s swimsuit season!

Finding a swimsuit that features your favorite aspects of your body while matching your personality is tough. We've outlined tips for accentuating those beautiful features here.


Try: Fringes or ruffles, stripes, and triangle tops.

Embellishments will add (or at least create the illusion of) volume to your chest while horizontal lines will make you look fuller. Triangle tops will also add curves.

Straight Up and Down:

Try: Ruched tankinis, angled stripes and floral prints.

Ruched tankinis and angled stripes will create the illusion of a defined waist and hips. Floral prints can also keep your look girl-ish. Be sure to stay away from bandeau styles which exaggerate boyish figures.

Plus Sized:

Try: Framed or v-cut neckline and fitted material.

An interesting neckline will attract the eyes to your upper half. Suits with fitted material will also help create the illusion of a slimmed figure.

Plentifully Busted:

Try: Halter tops, patterns, and under-wired tops.

Halter styles provide coverage without seeming matronly. Patterns, unlike solids, will shift the focus away from any single area. Under-wired tops will also give you lots of support.


Try: Tops with lots of design elements, string bottoms.

Avoid skimpy tops which places more focus on the bottom half of your body. String bottoms will show more thigh, making your bottom half look longer.

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