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Closet Makeover – Before and After

I had the pleasure of moving a client back into their Austin closet recently and am excited to share the results!

We sorted her clothes while unpacking and organizing, which helped par down the wardrobe and provide a starting point for organizing. The project took a few days to complete with stopping trips for supplies included.

Here are a couple before pics (great closet to start with!):

In just one day we got all of the boxes and most of the luggage unpacked. Then we decided to switch sides – his to hers and vice versa. (Thank goodness for my experience at Nordstrom – moving the clothes was a snap!)

Once all the clothes were on proper hangers and in their places, we set to organizing and optimizing the space. For this we used: labeled hat boxes, leather storage bins for purses, plastic bins for accessories, shoe boxes, shelves and some ingenuity.

The over-all look is streamlined and quite easy to navigate.

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