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Make it Fun

Ladies, it’s time to forget the infamous Tim Gunn quote “Make it Work”. I love him, I do. But this is just not the mentality we need to use when getting dressed in the morning.

“Making it Work” is great when you’re in a pinch with a project, or having a challenging conversation. It doesn’t have to be a part of your daily dressing thought process.

Instead, what if you shifted the focus to “What makes me feel and look the best today” or “What am I trying to express through my look?”. Let’s stop trying to force anything and just be content with being self-assured in your clothes.

It’s helpful of course to have a wardrobe that supports these feelings everyday, but let’s face it. No matter how well-curated your wardrobe is, there will be days when it feels like you’ve just got nothing to wear.

Now that’s when we employ my favorite slogan, “Why not?”. Why not try that yellow button down sweater over your favorite black and white print dress? Why not add red heels and silver jewelry? The best way to expand your wardrobe is to play. Unsure of the results? Take a photo and send it to a trusted friend (or me) or ask a roommate.

So I say “Make it fun!” And above all else….MAKE IT YOU!!

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